Super-Styling your Home for Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting and decluttering, it is also a time to give your home décor a lively rejuvenation.  The whales are here, and as the days lengthen and warm, let’s look at wonderful ways to spruce up your home for spring 2016.

Natural Beauty

Spring is a time of appreciating the natural beauty of the environment around us. Likewise, design trends are leaning towards a mood of “authenticity” or “honesty” which is an unfussy, utilitarian style that accentuates the natural beauty of materials.  For example, an interesting piece of wood or characterful furniture piece that becomes the starting point and centrepiece of an entire room’s design.

Yellow Sunshine

A flash of yellow can brighten up any room for spring and is also a big design trend at the moment. From Scandinavian buttercup yellow to mustard yellow, it is a colour that has made a big comeback.  Combine it with grey to give a fresh sophisticated look, or marry it with lime or olive green to give a fun and funky feel.

Bright & White

Bringing white accents into your home is one of the easiest ways to give it a new fresh spring mood.  Think fabrics on a white background with dollops of colour, white wallpaper with a colourful print or a simple white throw on a grey sofa.

Floral Fabrics

2016 is growing into the year of “flower power” with floral textiles and prints ruling in the world of both interior design and fashion.  Big, bold or just beautiful florals are not just being used on accent pieces, but to upholster larger furniture pieces such as armchairs and ottomans too. Mixing a variety of prints and patterns can give a space depth and character, but you need to know what you are doing. Ensure that whatever you choose to mix with each other have something in common, be it a colour, a proportion or a style.

Delightful Décor

Use fresh flowers from your garden or spring walks to decorate spaces throughout your home, or use shells and driftwood from beach strolls to bring the outside in. Pincushion flowers are the big trend this season both the real thing and in the latest fabrics.  Seasonal fruits in large wooden bowls make a peachy table centre setting.

The Perfect Picture

Large oversized paintings and prints are stealing the show this spring.  If you are wanting to add colour to a living space without disturbing your current colour scheme and furniture, then use your walls and put up a picture as large as your space will allow. Just stay true to your own personal style and taste.

Furniture Rejuvenation

This spring, take tired old pieces of furniture that may be wasting away in your garage or attic and give them a glistening lick of paint to bring them up-to-date and re-utilize them in your home.  Hermanus’s many second hand shops are great places to search for hidden treasures that just need some creative TLC to turn them into objects of desire.

So as the days lengthen and warm, take time to draw from our beautiful surroundings and bring them into your house to make your home a light and airy spring experience for both you and your guests to enjoy.



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