Designing Kid’s Rooms – Storage Space

Designing Kid’s Rooms – Storage Space

Designing Kid’s Rooms:  Modern children’s rooms need to function as nurseries, play spaces and bedrooms and ideally should be stylish, fun and functional. It seems that there is never sufficient storage space to contain the ever growing collection of books, games, clothes and random stuff that tend to accumulate in any kid’s room.

Let’s face it, little kids have loads of stuff (most of which they make you promise never to throw away!) and never more so than after Christmas morning when most homes resemble something like a toy shop after a really good sale. Parents need to come up with easy and attractive ways to store all this important and essential stuff and bring order to children’s rooms with stylish storage solutions that will last from the baby stage through to the teen years.

If you are in a panic about where you to store your kids new Christmas pressies this year, here are some helpful ideas:

  •  Buy crates or boxes in several colours so that the kids can be taught to use each colour for a specific kind of toy -for instance blue tub for Lego, pink tub for dolls, yellow tub for toy cars.  This also teaches kids that everything in the home has its place and they can become responsible for putting their belongings in the correct location.


  • Tubs with wheels are great because they are easy to move from room to room and kids love pulling them around the house and can do their own clearing up.

Kids storage on wheels

  • Transparent storage tubs are also great because the kids can see what is in them and don’t necessarily need to tip everything out all over the floor to find the single thing that they are looking for.
  •  Shallow grass baskets are excellent for storing children’s’ books as they can easily see the covers of their favourites and it means that a good book it always nearby.  Large woven laundry baskets are good for storing piles of soft toys too.
  •  If your budget is larger you can have bespoke storage units, shelving and cupboards built that fit in well with the decor in the rest of the house.  Think out of the box and have drawers built in under kid’s beds.
  •  Make use of you wall space by putting precious trinkets on display on chunky floating shelves which can be painted to suit the decor in the room.  Hanging fabric pockets are great for keeping small stuffed toys in – you can just leave their heads poking out.
  •  Storage ottomans with lids are superb as they double up to give extra seating and surface space in the room as do blanket boxes and chests used as bed ends or tables.
  •  Hanging a “washing line” or colourful rope with brightly coloured pegs on it will allow your kids to hang up all their Christmas cards and drawings all year round.

washing line for pics

Finally, Christmas time is all about magic for kids. Don’t forget to add a little Christmas magic to your child’s room by putting stockings at the end of the bed, hanging a Christmas mobile above the bed or placing seasonal decals on the walls. Decals can be easily removed when the festive season is over and tired moms can store them away until next year when the silly season begins again.


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