Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic Interior Design Style

At first glance this room may appear somewhat shambolic and thoughtless, due to its multitude of colours and array of shapes, however, upon closer inspection, it is far from it.  I am naturally drawn to its bright use of colour which creates a mood of cheerful playfulness in a space that makes me think Live – Play – Chat.

The emphasis or focal point of the room is the unique bookshelf mounted on the wall that draws the eye up in the centre of this large rectangular space. The scale of the high ceiling is emphasised by the elongated light pendant, tall window shutters as well as the placement of the bookshelf quite high up on the wall. The light wooden flooring throughout unifies the seating areas and also contributes to the feeling of space in the room.

The standard rectangular structure of the room is filled with a variety of shapes, most predominantly rounded and curved have been introduced which clearly add to the element of fun found throughout this room. Round shapes include the three tables, the round bookshelf and hanging light pendent, while there are curved chairs, bowls and curved swirl patterns in the carpet.  These shapes have been used, I think with great success, to make an otherwise formal rectangular room feel fun and almost childlike. The predominant horizontal line of the room further adds to the informal feel of this room.

For me however the most successful design aspect of the room is in its advanced and clever use of colour as detailed in the varied patterns of the two carpets, and how the colours repeat throughout creating a lively rhythm and movement to the space.  For me, it is indeed the repetition of the various colours in this room that make the other elements such as the pattern; texture and balance interrelate and create an overall sense of harmony. The use of colour is far from random. The pattern in the ceiling moulding has been painted in the same off white as the walls which disguise its ornate pattern. I think that without this, it would have been too dominant in the room.

It is difficult to see solely from the picture the various textures used, but certainly the variety of wool, linen, wood, glass and flowers are used to give this room depth and are in fitting with its eclectic nature.  The piece of art resting a on the floor, also seems to have a textured ornate frame. This is a room does not wish to conform to convention: artwork is placed on the floor and the bookshelf is placed on the wall; expensive glass dishes and bowls are placed on a table with a child’s toy.

This room is filled with natural light which is enhanced by the off white walls and ceilings which bring alive the multifoliate colours of the objects used.  The three proportioned round tables, each with different functionality also unify this space and allow the designer to have fun placing difference chairs with them.

The harmony in this room is created by the fact that every principle and element of design used here has exactly the same end goal. If the end goal was to create a room in which to smile, enjoy life and share, then I think it has been successfully achieved.



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