Interior Decorators in Hermanus – Celebrating Whales!

Interior Decorators in Hermanus

This weekend is a big one for the town of Hermanus – it’s the annual Whale Festival and time to celebrate the return of the southern right giants back to our beautiful corner of the earth:

What: Hermanus Whale Festival
When: 20 September – 24 September 2013

The Hermanus Whale Festival is an enviro-arts festival featuring exhibitions, performers, musicians and plenty of good food and wine and it runs from 20 September to 24 September. The whales of course are the star performers leaping out of the sea and passing unbelievably close to those watching from the shore and thereby providing memories that will last a life time.

Interior Decorators in Hermanus

Hermanus is of course renowned as the best land-based whale watching destination in the world and is a unique seaside resort. So come and watch the whales and revel in music, enjoy great food and the many activities available over this weekend in the most beautiful location including a wide range of sporting events, children’s entertainment and plenty of arts and crafts.

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