Interior Designer Hermanus ~ Christmas Décor without the Kitch

Interior Designer Hermanus ~ Christmas Décor without the Kitch

Let’s face it, Christmas is the one time of the year when a little bit of kitch is actually acceptable and many of us go all out decorating our trees, tables and presents in a wide array of colourful mismatched bling bling! If this silly season however, you wish to create a more sophisticated seasonal décor experience in your home that is still fun and not completely sans the bling, here are some practical décor tips.

Simply Silver

Silver simply says Christmas! The great thing about silver is that it works well with every other colour.  So pair silver with another colour of your choice and stick to a simple 2-colour theme throughout your house, tree, crackers and your presents. Let your family and friends know your colour palette for the year to ensure that they wrap their presents accordingly too.  A silver and white combo is a personal favourite of mine as it not only keeps our warm South African houses looking fresh and cool, but it still reminds us of a snowy-white traditional Christmas.

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 A Seaside Season

Whether you are a permanent resident or a holiday maker just spending the season by our beautiful beaches in the Overberg, there is no better way to celebrate a beach summer holiday than to bring a bit of seaside décor into your home. Involve the kids in the festive spirit and get them to collect seashells and driftwood, (or they are easily purchased in our local shops if you prefer). You can make an original Christmas tree from driftwood and top it with a starfish. Make your own decorations by filling clear plastic or glass balls with sea shells, whilst large upside-down shells make elegant candle holders.  Keep your colour theme to simple naturals and whites for an elegant look or cover your decorations in glitter or metallic spray paint of your chosen colour to add a bit of festive sparkle.

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Light Up, Light Up

Christmas lighting doesn’t have to be all about the tree. Dress up your existing pendants or chandelier by attaching tasteful baubles, feathers, or glass snowflakes from them and hang them above your table to make for an attractive centrepiece. And of course, don’t forget candles: the more the merrier really. You can place candles on your table, the floors (unless a fire hazard for many exited kids), and on every available surface to achieve a truly warm and atmospheric style.

Use your Walls:

If you live in a small apartment or house that is already bulging at the seams and crying out for more space, then the addition of Christmas decorations may just push you over the space edge! Solution: Go vertical and use your walls to send a festive message! There are many stunning inexpensive wall decals on the market to choose from. Or buy metal wall words and spell up your Christmas message: “Peace, Joy, Merriment”. Painting a wall in chalkboard paint and asking your kids and guests to write or draw their own festive messages is also a great simple way to engage everyone.

Whatever your message this holiday season, may it be delightful, and décor-wise, relatively kitch-free!


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