Interior Designer Hermanus – Designing Teenager Rooms

Interior Designer Hermanus – Designing Teenager Rooms

The most important things to bear in mind when designing a room for a teenager are that firstly they need their private personal space to reflect their personality and the second is that the space needs to not only be stylish but also multi-functional.  A teenagers room needs to act as a sleeping area, a personal retreat, a study area for those all important exams and a cool social meeting place for friends to hang out.

Good lighting is key as is a full-length mirror in any teenager room. Remember to place the desk in a position to take full advantage of the largest source of natural light and ensure that the room is a calm place to concentrate and study.

On the market nowadays there are fabulous items of furniture incorporating space-saving designs and contemporary colours which can be put together to create practical spaces that are also a cool place to chill out. Teenagers are in general not minimalists and therefore require plenty of storage space for clothes, games, books and DVDs and an area for a work station with computer and media access. A good idea is to have a sofa-style bed that can easily be accessorised with some comfy cushions to create a place to chat with friends.

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Teenage girls in particular are not always big fans of girly decor so instead use a muted palette of neutral patterns, layered with a brightly striped rug and cool grey furniture. You could also mix, match and layer bold, bright floral bed linen and paint walls in a toning shade. These decors should cheer up even the moodiest teenager!

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