Romantic Swedish Bedroom ~ Jimmy Schonning Interior Design

Romantic Swedish Bedroom ~ This romantic bedroom simply coo’s feminine relaxation and sensuality. Created by my favourite Swedish designer Jimmy Schonning, just looking at this picture makes me feel light and calm.  A room to drift off in…

The space of this room is voluminous, specifically with the very high ceilings, tall arched windows and bare white walls which contribute to the sense of spaciousness and airiness. The sweeping wooden floors, broken only by the small rug under the bed, also lend to the sense of space. The use of the small rug in relation to the floor creates a negative space around the rug, which in turn makes the floor space look even bigger. Both the scale of the high ceilings and large floor area are in balance with one another. Despite this, the designer still manages to make this large room feel intimate through use of draping fabric over the bed and curtain screening in the middle of the room.  The tall screening curtain also divides the structure of the room and balances the diagonal line of the wall on the far side. The diagonal wall is further balanced by the placement of accessories which are laid at an angle such as the book on the table, the drawn back bedclothes and the blankets on the dresser.

In spite of the diagonal aspects, for me the space is still dominated by the horizontal lines created by the shapes of the bed and table which add to its restful and relaxed tone. There is fabric draped over almost every shape in the room, in turn create its own shapes and enhance the relaxed mood.

Notwithstanding its size, this room is not going for the “bigger is better” look.  Instead the structure’s scale is delicately balanced by the three main furniture objects, the bed, the dresser and the table that all sit in proportion to one another. The focal point of this room is most certainly the beautiful single poster bed/day bed. However, all of the objects in this room have been placed in relation to each other with careful thought in terms of both proportion and functionality. The structured wood panelling on the lower half of the bare walls and sculpted arched window frames lend a certain containment to this otherwise free and easy room.

The colours and patterns within this room, set against a white backdrop are extremely beautiful. The rose pink, deep pink and wine red colours with just a splash of green, not only blend perfectly together in different patterns, but are consistently repeated throughout the room, giving the space cohesion.  I like the use of stripes, checks and florals together in the same colour tones which are then mirrored in nature by the vase of roses. The repetition of colour creates movement as your eye floats across the entire space.

The textures of the room are mainly wood and a variety of textiles such as linen, wool and cotton. The shabby chic texture of wooden objects such as the bed frame and dresser balance well with the flooring which looks like reclaimed wood. The overall elegance of these texture is far more chic than shabby.

The room has great natural light accented by the smooth white walls. The fact that this natural light can be manipulated by closing the curtains or drawing the bed drapes is both functional and intimate.

Ultimately, all the elements and principles of design marry beautifully in this room to create its overall harmony.  Every aspect is thought of. Nothing is random.  I wouldn’t change or move one thing in it… except perhaps to get into the bed with a good book.

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