Styling your Guest Bedroom

Styling your Spare room Design

As we approach the festive holidays, many of us will have family and friends coming to stay.

If your spare room is part home-office, part storage unit, part kid’s playroom, then you’re not dissimilar to most of us. Of course putting your favourite aunt in such a room simply won’t do! Here are some useful tips and ideas to style a guest bedroom that can suit any budget.

Beguiling Bedding:

When purchasing bedding, the rule of thumb is the higher the thread count, the better and more luxurious the quality of the linen. Buy the highest thread count that your budget will allow. A decent linen store will have the thread count of their linens advertised on the packaging. Invest in some good quality non-allergenic pillows and layer them up on your bed. Try mixing soft and medium hardness pillows, as well as king and standard sizes to give your guest a comfortable sleeping choice. Add a couple of decorative cushions that match your curtain or throw colour to add a designer feel. A light throw draped over the end of the bed will not only look good, but ensure your guest is warm on a cool summer night.

Awesome Accessories:

Placing books or magazines of interest to your guest and a vase of their favourite flowers next to the bed add a thoughtful personal touch. As with bedding, when it comes to towels, opt for the best quality towels your budget will allow for and pile them up liberally on the bed end or in a basket. Ensure your window treatments have sufficient black out to afford your guest a good lie in on a summer’s morning. Place some slippers, a fluffy dressing gown and some new soaps, bath salts and shampoo in the bathroom to give a great guest house feel. Your female guests will appreciate a full length mirror and a handy hair dryer when dressing for the festivities!

Luxurious Lighting:

Beautiful scented candles to create welcoming ambient lighting are a must in any guest bedroom. Ceiling down lights create a softer light option than a single pendant in the middle of the room. Hanging pendants over the bedside pedestals to create task reading lighting however, is a stylish yet functional touch.  Make sure you have sockets next to the bed so your guest doesn’t have to get up to switch off the reading light.

Fabulous Furniture:

If your room dimensions allow, create a seating/ reading area in the room. Using an ottoman or a couple of cubed ottomans as bed ends can double up as extra seating or a surface for your guest’s suitcase if you are strapped for space. If your room doesn’t have built-in cupboards, invest in a small free standing wardrobe for your guest’s clothing. A couple of bedside tables complete the look.  Keep your bedroom furniture simple and uncluttered!

Calming Colours:

When it comes to bedroom styling, opt for simple over busy and avoid excessive patterns to create a relaxing space. Stick to a maximum of three colours in the room. When shopping for bedroom accessories take your chosen throw or decorative pillows with you and look at other products against this colour. Remember that colour is relational and therefore best not viewed in isolation. Studies show that purple is the colour that allows for the least amount of restful sleep!  So stick to neutrals, whites, blues, greens, yellows and silver.

Finally, clean up and dust! Then relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

By Sarah Donnelly

Overberg Interiors


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