E-Design South Africa

E-Design South Africa


The Future of Interior Design

As we head together into unchartered global waters some “there-is-no-box”, creative thinking is required to keep our businesses afloat upon these uncertain seas. Whilst the interior design world is viewed as an extremely tactile and personal industry, we need to be realistic and adapt to the changing tides. E-design will not replace the touch & feel process, but there are many instances in which it is becoming a preferred choice for clients.

So, What is E-Design?

In its essence, e-design is a simple, quick, and affordable solution to have your spaces professionally designed without the necessity for physical face to face meetings but rather through virtual consultations. It provides an alternative to the traditional way of hiring a designer. E-Design is the great solution for clients who regardless of their location that are looking for a professional design service.

How Does it Work?

Although different designers offer different levels of services, most e-design projects focus on a single room at a time, and require clients to submit their own photos, room measurements, and inspirational images, as well as respond to a well-designed questionnaire as a starting step. From there, the designer can start to put together cohesive look & feel options for their client.

Online Shopping

With worldwide online furniture sales expected to reach a market volume of in excess of $300000 billion in 2023 (and that is without taking Covid-19 into account) this shift is a trend none of us can ignore. However, with an increasing plethora of online options, this can leave one overwhelmed by choice. Customers often have a hard time committing to a purchase because they lack the confidence to know that it’s the right piece. It can also be exceptionally time-consuming. By working with a professional designer they can feel confident in their purchases and finally achieve the overall look they’ve always wanted.

E-ssential Software

The software platform that we at Overberg Interiors use has a browser clipper lets us go to any online retailer’s website and instantly save any product images, dimensions and prices to our software platform and to the client’s project. From there, we can immediately add products to a digital design board (see picture), product shopping list, quote, invoice and purchase order with a couple of clicks. Ordinarily, designers present the clients with 2 to 3 concept board options for them to choose from before they commit to the final design. Additionally, if the client does not want all brand new furniture and accessories, but instead want to incorporate their own existing items or unique items, the software allows us to upload pictures of these and integrate them into the design board.


Working together via email, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype and Pinterest we discuss your vision, identify your brief and ultimately create a space that is individual and personal to you, so designed to fit your style, space and budget. In addition, the software platform that we use allows clients to login to their design and comment on their digital moodboard as a whole or on specific items in real time.

Flexible Payment Options

The first payment option is a flat rate package per room, and this can be layered by how much the client wants input and options, for example the number of concept boards to choose from and the time allocation for e-communication that they require. These packages can be customized to specific client requirements. Finally, clients can also request an hourly rate consultation if they are just looking for some guidance for their space.

To request your e-design project, simply go to http://overberginteriors.co.za/ and fill out the professional design questionnaire on the home page to start your exciting new space.



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