Interior Design & The Dining Experience

Interior Design & The Dining Experience

2019 sees wonderful spring design trends including muted colours, blushing pinks and eclectic styles all playing against an organic background. Dining rooms are often given the least importance when it comes to interior design and often fall flat as a pancake. However, dining spaces and indeed the way we entertain and create our tablescapes have not been untouched by these latest trends.

Sitting Pretty

The style of mismatching dining room chairs is here to stay. Having different dining chairs around the table lets you get really creative. The best way to achieve the mixed dining chair look is to either stick to a similar colour palette, style, silhouette, or just go all out and pick chairs you love — just make sure they’re the same height! If you can’t cope with all of this asymmetry, consider just making your two head chairs different to the others.

Curated Crockery

Organic style ceramics with subtle patterns and an artisanal element will be popular this spring. Reactive glazes give each piece a unique character. Look out for embossed jugs and vases and fill them full of pretty blooms and foraged stems to use as a centrepiece. Colours to watch out for are all the naturals, blush pink, jet black and muted blues. Crockery sets can also be mismatched to give an interesting layered effect. Before you throw away your plates it should be said classic white will always be in style.

Beyond the Silver Spoon

There is a lot on one’s plate when it comes to flatware trends! While the silver spoon remains the standard, it is now more likely to be antiqued or embossed silver. But just as crockery has gone black, so has cutlery in many cases. And it doesn’t stop there: two-toned cutlery sets, as well as gold and brass are a growing fashion. Arguably the most interesting new taste, albeit the most expensive, is in iridescent titanium flatware. The metal is crafted by heating to high temperatures in a vacuum chamber. The altered metal molecules leave behind the beautiful remnants of their transformation. Yes, it is iridescent, and no two pieces are alike.

Fine Fabrics

Table clothes and napkins are in soft stonewashed natural linens whilst upholstered chairs are also in natural linens or romantic muted or jewel tones. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. On the other side of the design spectrum, the tropical style is still going strong in tableware. If you like that style, then this season it’s all about layering lush shades of green and throwing in textiles that feature tropical plants.

Shine On

When it comes to lighting trends, think wicker lighting, avant-garde shapes, asymmetrical chandelier designs, and off-kilter textures. A pendant light is like a great accessory for your dining room and it is the one space in your home that you can hang it lower, over the table. The lowest you should hang pendants over your table is one metre. Pendant lighting should be a statement piece and add that extra special something.

Wall Art

Wall art can be used to pull any dining space together. A large, artistic mirror or oversized artwork placed above an accessorized wooden sideboard always looks great. More and more we are seeing the use of wallpaper in our dining rooms. Whether you go soft or bold, you’re sure to see an impact.  And with peel-off options available, it’s easier than ever to utilize wallpaper in your space.

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