Kinfolk Home Design

Kinfolk Home Design

The Art of Slow Living & Design

As 2017 draws to a close, most of us will be spending downtime with our closest family and friends, hopefully winding down from the bustle and buzz of another busy year as we gasp “where did this year go”. New Year is also a time to reflect on what we would like to do differently in the year to come, so it seems apt to touch on a growing international trend in both lifestyle and interior design.

What is the Kinfolk Home?

Kinfolk interiors utilize natural fabrics, leathers, sustainable flooring, organic features and finishes, reclaimed pieces, as well as mixed metals to create spaces that are not overly cluttered, and have both Scandinavian and Industrial style influences.

Uncluttered Minimalism

Homes cluttered with stuff for the sake of stuff, reflect our chaotic lives. As we slow down to live more wholehearted lives we need to de-stuffocate, simplify and allow ourselves and our belongings to breathe. This is not the same as the very stark minimalism of trends past, but more along the lines of the spirit of the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi. In a nutshell, it means that if an item doesn’t have a specific purpose or isn’t beautiful to you, it has no place in your home. This philosophy allows us to declutter in a meaningful way. Being able to group display items together in collections not only looks aesthetically superior, but also creates an order to otherwise random cluttering.

In Keeping with Kids

Trending architectural house designs create seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces both physically and visually, enabling parents to keep a safe eye on the kids. Far removed from the old adage that kids should be seen and not heard, the Kinfolk home celebrates kids, and indeed pets, at the epicentre of it. Sensible decorating choices, hardwearing finishes, durable textures and wipeable walls are not seen as a hindrance, but at the very centre of home design. It is a reflection of wistful spontaneity and blissful evolution in our homes.

Unplugged Gatherings

At the heart of the Kinfolk Home rests the idea of relaxed, tech-free gatherings with family and friends. While the dining room all but disappeared from importance in the high-tech information age of the past decades, the dining table is now back, unplugged, and to fore and centre of house design, ensuring ample space for relaxing and entertaining, both indoors and outdoors.

Letting the Light In

The moment that the humble lightbulb was invented, our relationship with natural light and indeed our internal clocks was forever changed. As we try to slow down, and get back in touch with nature and the natural rhythms of life, so the importance of natural night swings back full circle.  This is in turn reflected in smart window treatments, skylights, windows and doors designed and positioned to emphasize and optimize the balance of light in our homes and reconnect us.

Hygge (Pronounced hue-guh)

The Scandinavian craze of “making cozy and taking a moment” sits inherently well within the slow living movement. It translates into interior design through creating nooks and spaces where we can cozy up, read a book or chill out with friends. Reading window seats, hammocks, candle arrangements, focal fireplaces and added textures in our designs all speak to this. Don’t rush. Don’t overdo anything.

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