Kitchen Design Hermanus

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house and with open plan interiors people now spend more time in the kitchen than ever before. It therefore needs to be both multifunctional, practical, beautiful and stylish for cooking and entertaining. To achieve this dream kitchen requires research, budgeting and a lot of design inspiration.

The layout of the kitchen will be decided mainly by the dimensions of the room. Once you have decided on the position of your fridge-freezer, sink, washing machine, oven, dishwasher and microwave you can give the remaining space over to wall and base unit storage. Remember that drawer units offer more storage capacity than cupboards. In larger open-plan rooms you will be able to incorporate eating, relaxing, TV viewing, entertaining and even studying in a fully multifunctional space.

There must be sufficient storage spaces for all the utensils, tableware, food, small appliances and cooking items that we all tend to accumulate over the years. Some need to be hidden and others will look good on display. The old battered utensils should be out of sigt and the more visually attractive pieces, heirlooms or ceramics on shelves. The most commonly used items in the kitchen can be stored on open shleving and hooks and because they are constantly in use they will not gather dust. If your kitchen dimensions are large you can opt for features such as kitchen islands, butcher’s blocks, larder units and kitchen dressers.

Style wise most people choose broadly from traditional, modern or country style kitchens. Within these styles are huge variations from fitted, freestanding, Shaker, rustic, painted, high gloss and retro kitchens. The style you choose will generally determine the choices you make regarding colours and materials that will come together to create your dream kitchen.

Here are some inspirational examples:

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