Meet the team, Sarah and Nick, interior decorators & home renovators based in Hermanus.

Sarah Donnelly

Sarah has a degree in Organizational Psychology and an international Diploma in Interior Design.

Sarah has been designing, remodeling and renovating homes for over 10 years both in the UK & Ireland as well as in South Africa. She started out in the fashion industry in London’s West End.

Sarah’s design philosophy is that dark spaces have a negative psychological impact on the people living in the home. Beige and brown with magnolia walls are the colours of a bygone era!

She designs spaces that are light, bright, fun and overall functional spaces for families to live and enjoy.

Nick Donnelly

Nick is a British Master Builder with over 24 years home build and renovation experience. He has worked extensively in the UK remodeling houses for many wealthy clients.

Nick’s practical skills and ability to redesign any problem areas in a home, paired with Sarah’s creative flair, make for a winning combination.

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