Selling your home in today’s buyers market can be a tiresome and draining experience. Most homes that we see, do not look like they have been staged to sell and achieve their best price. They are most often cluttered, dark and . In order to achieve your best sale price, you need to depersonalize and declutter your home.

Potential buyers need to be able to visualize their own belongings in the house, and often cannot see past all of your own “stuff”. Decluttering also means removing personal smells ~ as much as you may not notice the smell of your beloved dog, animal smells and other personal smells can be very off putting to buyers.

If you are selling a house that you no longer occupy and is currently standing empty, it is worth bearing in mind that rooms actually look smaller with no furniture in them ~ again, buyers will find it hard to visual the function of the space. At Overberg Interiors, we stage homes to get you the best possible sale price! We can declutter, paint, re-arrange furniture, style and loan you accessories such as indoor plants, great artwork or pieces of furniture that will make your home POP and stand out from its competition.

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