Technology & Interior Design

Technology & Interior Design

The Connected Home

Technology and fast internet connection have allowed us to run so many elements of our daily lives utilising these innovations, and the home is no different. With an estimated 20 million devices being connected by 2020, the technology will soon be more affordable. Many appliances are already featuring IoT (internet of things) connectivity. Controlling lights, opening doors for visitors, or simply adjusting the temperature of the room from anywhere in the world are already becoming relatively common practice whilst still continuing to evolve.

Robotic Rooms

IKEA and their tech partners are developing a shape-shifting furniture system that moves robotically to create more flexible living areas in compact homes. By touching a button, the system retracts on wheels to provide a further eight square metres of living space that can transform a living room into a bedroom or walk-in closet. The system works through a combination of mechanics, electronics and software that combine to create a moving bank of furniture that make small room issues a thing of the past.

The Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV has more than a billion shades of colour and four times the resolution of HD and can create an almost lifelike picture. This level of resolution not only provides the ultimate viewing experience, it also informs the dual nature of the technology and can transform into a beautiful work of art at the click of a button. The artwork can be complemented with a frame as well as thousands of colours and artwork options to choose from which can be switched out at any time. No more deciding what to do with the TV or creating custom solutions to conceal it!

FibreGuard Fabrics

The latest stain-free technology in high quality, durable fabrics that are not only beautiful, but are child and pet friendly. Even oil-based stains like mayonnaise come out with water and blotting. Simply put, while other products such as Scotch Guard are applied to the surface of products for stain resistance, FibreGuard fabrics have the protection within the fibres itself.

Human-Centric Lighting

The easy controllability of energy saving LED lighting now makes it possible to replicate the characteristics of natural light to better support human circadian rhythms. This should allow happier, healthier, and more productive people. In addition, Bluetooth Mesh technology now enables any smartphone to seamlessly connect to multiple smart objects on a large-scale network.. Adopting Bluetooth Mesh not only guarantees a means to wirelessly connect luminaire sensors, but it also ensures information exchange with other Bluetooth devices. Early applications of the Bluetooth Mesh are not only shaking up smart lighting but pushing the boundaries of what the industry thought could be done with lighting.

Futuristic Fridges

Smart kitchens are a veritable melting pot of cool technology. Wi-fi enabled ovens, pots and fridges that listen to voice commands using Google Assist or a downloadable app that links to your smartphone. Next generation refrigeration allows you to monitor the contents of your fridge, set the temperature, heat up water and turn on the ice maker with a simple voice instruction.

Toilet Technology

The lowly lavatory is going hi-tech with an array of features including high-quality speakers that you can use to play music or talk to Amazon’s voice assistant. These toilets also have lights built right into them so that you can set the mood or sync up to music that you’re listening to.

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