Art & Interior Design – Balance

…The creation of balance

With the Hermanus Kalfiefees and Arts Festival on our doors this month, I have been pondering the imaginative relationship of art and artistic innovations to the interior design world.  Any room is like a four-dimensional blank canvas for the incorporation of art, and any space offers a plethora of creative possibilities….

Loving What’s Local

Hermanus is a coastal town that celebrates and relishes in all realms of art. With our numerous and assorted art galleries exhibiting artists from the Overberg, painters, sculptors, woodworkers and other art-driven artisans combined with the inspirational natural beauty around us, there is no excuse not to incorporate local treasures into your home.

Fanciful Fabrics

Fabric trends in both fashion & interiors are ever more sophisticated as we see vivid digital prints, hand-painted textiles and exquisite modern ombres take centre stage. Bold curtain textiles that create a wall of modern art when the drapes are drawn give us another arty offering for wall art.

Fabulous Floors

Many of us still love plain seamless flooring options and classic hardwood floors, however flooring is an area that should not be discounted as an opportunity original creations. Laying tiles in artistic patterns & shapes, wood lain in chevon and herringbone styles, floor murals and painted floor designs can all look fabulous when utilized in the right space. For inspiration, have a look at some of celebrity designer Mary McDonald’s painted floors! Rugs and carpeting are also increasingly bespoke and used to add unique aesthetic elements to creative spaces.

Creative Ceilings

Just as the use of statement floors should not be ignored, so the same goes for the unique utilization of ceiling space and cornicing. The traditional white ceiling will always remain a safe and solid standard in many homes, but for the more adventurous or avant-garde, they provide yet another dimension of design expression. Think custom-made, suspended beautiful bulkheads, textured, moulded and sculpted ceiling aesthetics, inventive lighting installations and ceiling painted art.

Sculptured Lighting

Classic mid-century modern lighting is being redesigned in new metals, customized colours and more refined shapes to become stand-alone art pieces.  Oversized pendants that shout glamour and abundance are also on trend.

Wonderful Wallcoverings

The latest wallpapers and digital prints mean that you can take any digital picture that you wish and blow it up to almost any size you want to decorate your wall spaces. While some of these err on the side of the expensive, you can see it as an investment in an artwork as they can be truly beautiful.  If you don’t want to commit to a wallcovering in the same place forever, consider having it installed on movable wall panels that you can change with time and with your mood.

A final word of caution in the light of these wonderful choices…. Do not overdesign your spaces by letting one art piece overshadow or detract from others. Think carefully about where you will use creative touches and where you will not. At the end of the day, ensure that the space speaks to you and your own personal sense of style.


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