Full Interior Decorating Service

White on white interior designWhether you have a permanent home that needs some professional TLC or a holiday home that you want kitted out for rental in stylish and durable finishes, Overberg Interiors can assist you. We offer a free initial consultation, project planning and project budgeting, and are able to redesign a single room or an entire house from inception.

Please have a look at the Interior Design Styles that we use. If you are going for a traditional, dark or very masculine look, we may not be the right designers for you! We will assess your design style, budget and wish list and work with you to achieve the most “wow” and successful design outcome possible.  Please have a look at some of our Recent Projects to view examples of our interior decorating work.

Interior Decor Sourcing

Furniture DesignOnce we have established your specific design style and vision for the room you wish to create, whether from a photo you have seen or a design conceptualization we have drawn up, it is now time to make that vision and look become a reality. A great deal of what we do, is sourcing all the right elements that need to go into a space to form the right look. Decor sourcing may be for international products, local products or online and entails some of the following:

  • Finding the perfect fixtures and fittings for your home such as light pendants, rugs & cushions
  • Choosing the right fabrics and textiles to bring your space together
  • Picking out paint colours, wallpaper, decals or other wall art options
  • Updating current furniture pieces through paint work or re-upholstery
  • Choosing new accessories and furniture pieces

We work with local artists and crafts people and are able to commission fantastic bespoke pieces that will tie a room together.

House Plans & 3D Models

3D house design model Hermanus

With the latest house and interior design remodel software, we are able to redesign your house plans, rooms, or garden and render an accurate 3D model of how your home when look when we have completed our designs.

If you have always struggled with being able to envisage a space, or how an interior will look if you make changes, we are able to take the guess work out of your project thereby saving you money before you make costly changes to your home that you don’t like.

House Renovation & Remodeling

Home renovationsWe believe that any room is not made of 4 walls, but comprises 6 walls including floor and ceiling. We assess all 6 walls in any space and propose changes to optimize a room. We are able to do extensions; create amazing designer Indoor-Outdoor living areas; create open plan spaces by removing cavity walls; hide unsightly wiring and pipes; remove or disguising unsightly features or remodel entire bathrooms and kitchens.

It is amazing what can be done to transform any room with some careful planning and thoughtful design for any budget.

Nick our resident master builder has over 20 years experience in the trade. We also work with other reputable trades people as required to achieve your desired outcome, without you having to deal with a variety of people or be on sight to project manage.

Staging Homes for Sale

idiSelling your home in today’s buyers market can be a tiresome and draining experience.  Most homes that we see, do not look like they have been staged to sell and achieve their best price. They are most often cluttered, dark and . In order to achieve your best sale price, you need to depersonalize and declutter your home. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize their own belongings in the house, and often cannot see past all of your own “stuff”. Decluttering also means removing personal smells ~ as much as you may not notice the smell of your beloved dog, animal smells and other personal smells can be very offputting to buyers. If you are selling a house that you no longer occupy and is currently standing empty, it is worth bearing in mind that rooms actually look smaller with no furniture in them ~ again, buyers will find it hard to visual the function of the space.

At Overberg Interiors, we stage homes to get you the best possible sale price! We can declutter, paint, re-arrange furniture, style and loan you accessories such as indoor plants, great artwork or pieces of furniture that will make your home POP and stand out from its competition.

Painting & Furniture Restoration

Furniture RestorationPaint colour today is a fashion statement, just like a pair of new shoes or new outfit, how your dress your house, needs to remain on trend and is a fashion statement of your personal style and elegance.  If you are still living in a yellow walled house, sooooo 1990’s, it may be time to update your house’s wardrobe!  Remember that when choosing a paint colour, paints with yellow or pink undertones, do not make the rest of your furniture or home accessories look very good.

We love mixing antique pieces with new modern items in a home. We also believe in recycling and think carefully before suggesting that you get rid of a furniture item.  Sometimes creating a new paint affect on an outdated furniture piece or re-upholstering a dated, yet still function sofa in a great new fabric, is all it takes to modernise your space.





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