Design Styles: As interior decorators, we are of course trained in the art of utilizing a myriad of design styles to suit our client’s tastes. As people however, we have natural preferences to the designs that we love to work with and have a passion for.

We are mindful of all the architectural movements and artistic periods in our history that has brought us the the modern day canvas of design style.

Whether you know it or not, you probably already have very distinct ideas about what you love and do not like, although your preferences may be unconscious.

When you look at a picture of a room, you are either instinctively drawn to it, or go “Ooh, I don’t like that”, but may not know why. The styles that we admire can be broken down into the basic element of design from symmetrical to asymmetrical; minimalist vs. decorative; cool tones vs. warm tones; clean lines vs. curves & spirals or any combination of these. As designers we will work with you to assess your preferences and bring to consciousness and reality the design styles that you truly love.

Home interiors are no longer stagnant and static creations that once completed must remain the same forever! Interior design has become more like fashion design with season and annual trends, colour options & new home inventions and inspirations.

That being said, this does not mean that you need to completely redecorate your home every time a new trend or style comes on the global scene. It is very possible, and even desirable to create spaces that have a fresh, elegant and trendy feel that will last. Simply updating cushions and accessories or purchasing one bit of modern furniture or art, is often all that it takes to keep a room on trend, if that is, it has been correctly designed and proportioned from the outset.

Your home, just like your clothing or even your car, is a personal statement about yourself and your sense of personal style and taste. But more than that, it is an expression and extension of who you are as a person. 

A person who lives in a home that is harmonious with how they look and feel about themselves, is able to be calmer, happier and more at one with their day-to-day surroundings.

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