Living Rooms

When designing your living room, it is essential that you are aware of the functions of the living room space. Living rooms are usually multifunctional areas in any house: spaces in which you may want to read and relax, entertain family and friends, watch TV, play games or dine. In designing a great multifunctional space, you should not lose sight of the importance of style and atmosphere in the room you are creating. The choices you select with regards to colour, textures, fittings and fixtures and floor coverings, should all speak to the overall sense of harmony, balance and atmosphere which you are trying to create in the room.
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Staircases: Staircase designs in double story or multistory homes can be a stylish focal point in any room, or an unsightly eyesore. In older homes many staircases are made from cast concrete and can be large and cumbersome objects which not only occupy a large volume of unnecessary space, but also block views and interrupt the flow of the house.  Removing such staircases can be a timely, messy and costly job, but it is almost always worth the effort.  A well designed staircase will not only work with the rest of the room's design style but should be functional, be mindful of space constraints and room height, and be a stunning design feature.  If you have small children or animals in your home, an open stepped stairs, glass or flimsy railing options although being stylish, may not be a functional choice for Staircases.
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Storage & Closets

Storage & Closets: Need creative storage ideas for small rooms and spaces?  We have a myriad of clever storage & closets design solutions for you. In larger homes, walk-in closets are all the rage and a must have designer feature for 2013.  Have a browse through our inspiration gallery for ideas on how to create your own bespoke walk-in closet. Storage & Closets
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Outdoors & Exteriors

Outdoors & Exteriors: Today's lifestyles lend themselves more and more towards Indoor-Outdoor living. Outdoor living areas which form part of the living areas of the house require as much thought and design as interiors.  With a versatile range of decking and paving options available as well as designer style patio furniture, the options to create amazing outdoor spaces become exciting and endless.... A beautiful home interior design should never be let down by the exterior garden landscaping.
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Home Offices

Home Offices: Home Offices are becoming extremely common in modern day houses, whether tucked into a clever nook somewhere, or given a dedicated office room. The home office shouldn't detract from the overall look & feel and atmosphere of the home and usually requires excellent storage solutions to store paperwork and hide unsightly wire and computer cables in home offices.
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Kids Rooms

Kids Rooms: Kids Rooms offer amazing opportunities to design fun, colourful and functional spaces.  This is an area where you can be very creative with colour choices, but be careful not to simply use colour for colour's sake and make sure your tones match and colours repeat to bring cohesion to the space. We love designing children's rooms, so feel free to contact us for advice or a consultation on Kids Rooms.
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Dining Areas

Dining Areas: Gone are the days when all homes had to have a separate formal dining room. Modern homes may have several dining areas including kitchen diners, bar seating around the kitchen island or outdoor patio dining. You can choose from many formal, casual or eclectic dining room styles to create any mood around your table to eat with family or entertain friends. When designing your room, you need to take into consideration the style of chairs and table, fabrics used as chair seating or table cloths, and of course lighting, in order to create just the right ambiance for your dining experience. A multipurpose dining area that this also used, for example, as a table on which your kids do their homework needs extra careful thought regarding their functionality and form.
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There are infinite choices available in bedrooms interior design today. With the extensive range of beds, bedroom accessories and amazing textile and fabrics available for bed linen.  Bedroom functionality ranges from spaces in which to relax and read; romantic and sensual spaces, or as in kids or teens rooms, the centre of activity for their whole world.  Whatever function or design style you prefer, we can assist you in designing a fantastic bedroom space.
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