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Shine on Winter…

As winter creeps up upon us and the days get colder and darker, it is time to shed the spotlight on both the ongoing and brand new design trends in lighting for 2017.  Clever lighting is a quintessential but often much neglected element of interior design. Good lighting can not only change the colour and ambience of an entire room, but should also be practical and beautiful.

Going Gold

…But not just any gold this time… 2017 is the year of soft gold finishes in lighting design. Soft gold falls somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. It borrows the soft matte finish of these two hues while bringing out the warmth and mellowness of gold. This also means that it can blend in with almost any kind of décor from modern urban to farmhouse.  Soft gold is here to stay for a while so don’t be afraid to invest.

The New Modern Retro

This year both industrial and retro lighting styles are still here, but have become far more refined. Instead of very neutral metal and quite rustic finishes in industrial light fittings, we are now seeing finer metals and cleaner finishes in a greater variety of colours. The new modern retro lights are like a unique pieces of artwork that can make a statement piece in any room.

Vintage Edison Bulbs

While some new light fittings are ultra-modern and on the verge of being “space like”, there is another nostalgic design trend which harks back to the Edison light bulb. These eye-catching incandescent bulbs harmonize well with a variety of different design aesthetics. Retro Edison bulbs are available in both incandescent and LED-friendly models.

Minimalist LED Lighting

2017 is the year that LED lighting moves beyond being an energy saving investment and becomes sleeker, more refined and stylish.  Leading edge, energy-saving technology combined with subtle design that delivers clean and sharp patterns of light are what this trend is all about. This is a particularly important trend, as it is a key indicator of the direction in which the future of lighting design is headed.

Charismatic Cabinetry

Whether it is including lights in cabinets with glass doors to put the spotlight on unique dishes, strip lighting beneath shelving or lights in drawers, trendsetters these days have found elegant solutions to add lighting inside those formerly dark spaces.  In many cases, when you open a drawer or cabinet, the light inside is triggered to instantly turn on.

Wonderfully Wireless & Secure

There is strong current demand for functional lighting design that’s incorporated into the home security system. These systems are increasingly going wireless, and comprising both outdoor or indoor lighting as part of the security system in a stylish and practical manner.

Here’s wishing you a light and illuminated winter season.

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