Hermanus House Painters

Hermanus House Painters


A good painting job on your house is one of the fastest and easiest ways to renovate and give it a clean and rejuvenated look and feel. However, it is worthwhile employing a painting contractor to do a professional finish as a poor paint job can diminish your property value.

Good preparation before starting painting is imperative as potential damp stops, indentation holes and cracks need to be uncovered and repaired prior to commencing.


You need to prime walls and ceilings to block any stains from bleeding through. Priming also greatly improves paint adhesion which will prevent blistering and peeling down the road.

Paint Colour
Choosing the correct paint colour for your house can all get a bit confusing given the ever growing choices and shades available today. Overberg Interiors can assist you in choosing a paint colour and our in-house interior designer is an expert on colour trends, light and achieving an overall look & feel.

Paint Quality
Always choose the best quality paint that you can afford. High quality paint will last years longer and be far easier to clean and maintain. Be wary of receiving a cheap quote from painting contractors as they have likely quoted you for the cheapest paint which may save you money in the short term, but will always cost you in the long term

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