Home Stylist Voelklip ~ Creative Sofa Designs

Home Stylist Voelklip ~ Creative Sofa Designs

Sofas are one of the most expensive and important pieces of furniture that anyone can buy for their home.  They are the key item in any living room so choosing one is a serious decision.  It is imperative to choose a good quality sofa that reflects the style and design you want your room to convey and that the colour and texture as well as the comfort factor are taken into account.

Here are some really innovative and unusual sofa designs from around the world to inspire you:

The wall-climbing sofa designed by Lila Jang ~ ideal for really small rooms perhaps?

Home Stylist Hermanus

The sofa below is designed by Mattho Thun and resembles a bowl of sweets

Interior Designer Chanteclair

The twisted sofa by Nina Edwards is made of a foam core and would be sure to be a feature in any entertainment home

Home Stylist Stanford

A striking and bold modern sofa design in green and red and another example of contemporary design in red.

Interior Design Company Hermanus

Home Stylist Voelklip


A stunning float sofa ~ what a design!

Home Stylist Voelklip


This sofa was designed by an Italian duo and was inspired by pebbles found on the beach with rounded edges and different sizes

Interior Home Stylist Voelklip

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