Interior Design Trends 2017

Unexpected Twists and New Beginnings

In numerology, the year 2017 is equal to the number one.  So, it is as if the universe has pushed the reset button and we are all given the opportunity to start afresh.  The interior design world is no different, so watch out for a year that is exploding with colour and some unexpected turns and trends.

Redefining Modern

The ultra-modern look of smooth and sleek is on its way out in 2017.  This is the year that we redefine what is truly classed as “modern” in interior design. Instead of linear lines and smooth finishes we are looking at chunky stitching in fabrics, rounded edge furniture, warm and welcoming textures throughout, and spatially efficient furniture pieces.

Butterflies and Monkeys

Yes indeed! Cheerful, happy and mischievous, butterflies and monkeys will be appearing on fabrics and wallpapers, although not necessarily together. Symbols of optimism and fun, these tropical motifs are now not only for children’s rooms, but will appear in all rooms around a modern home.

Taking the Edge Off

2017 also sees the hard edges of square, rectangular and box furniture waning away as rounded edges make a come-back.  Think circular and oblong or interestingly shaped coffee and side tables, mirrors, lighting and other home accessories.

Refreshing Green

All shades are green are on trend this year from lime green through to emerald and they will be seen in paint colours, fabrics, wallpapers and home ware items.  Add emerald green wine glasses to your plain white crockery in a table setting, and you will have an immediately up-to-the-minute look.

Quirky Lighting

Hand crafted artisan lighting, unusual pieces and bold statements are the trend in lighting from bedside lamps to dining table chandeliers. Think out of the box when it comes to lighting your home this year and showing off your own distinct design style.  Going to antique and second hands shops is also a great way to find unique buys… bronze is big in 2017.

Contrasting Colours

All-white rooms are out.  2017 brings us the year of bold colours with muted background shades set against rich jewel tones in both accessories and upholstered furniture. The use of contrasting patterns and bolder prints are also on trend.

Wow Wallpaper

The 21st century has seen the biggest revolution in wallpaper application and design, and it is a trend that is not going away.  Wallpaper can be expensive, but think of it as an investment like you would a great art piece that will give the wow factor to any space.

Grey to Stay

Grey has played a major role in the interior design landscape of the last few years, and grey is also here to stay. A pure grey will always make all the other colours around it look better and brighter, but beware of greys with strong pinkish or green undertones that may clash with other pieces.

So, 2017 brings us fanciful motifs, bright colours and warmer and softer edges and textures.  A way perhaps to ensure that our homes are set aside from the edginess of the outside world.

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