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Designer Kids Rooms

With the school holidays upon us again, it may the perfect project for you and your children to redecorate their rooms breathing new fun and functionality into the spaces.  Here are a few on trend decorating tips to inspire you with your designs.

Cool Colours

The easiest place to start when designing a kid’s room is to begin with choosing their two to three favourite colours and working from there.  Colourful kids rooms are stunning by try and avoid putting in too many colours so as to make the bedroom unrestful and busy.

Fabulous Fabrics

There are amazing ranges of kid’s fabrics available.  When looking for fabrics that will last and will be easily washable, try and find something with a polyester mix in it.  Fabric houses like Skinny La Minx and Design Team have also recently launched fabulous new ranges for children.  Bold, fun fabrics with a sense of humour and an African twist on very on trend!

Wonderful Wallpapers

Never underestimate the effect of a great feature wall to set the tone of a room and kid’s wallpapers are no exception.  Don’t want to commit to a whole wall of wallpaper, then consider fun themed decals that you can simply peel off when you child’s interests change.

Theatrical Themes

Designing themed bedrooms can be great, especially for younger children.  Allow your imaginations to run wild and draw from your kids natural like hobbies and passions.  Some ideas include:  Captain’s spaceship; pirate ship; a tree house room; any fairy tale that they love, the circus, safari camp site or a princess castle.

Sensible Storage

Let’s face it, kids are natural collectors and make a mess!  Sensible storage is therefore essential in any child’s space that you design. While some of the clutter can be shut behind a cupboard door, every child’s room should have a bookcase for them to display their little treasures. Wall mounted storage units are a good way to create extra floor space, and crates in different colours for different items is a clever way to keep things organized.   Putting everything on wheels so that they can easily move things around and a window seat with storage units tucked underneath are also cool ideas for extra storage.

Work, Play, Sleep

If your room size allows, try to have very dedicated areas for doing homework, playing and sleeping.  This not only allows you to organize the space from a functional standpoint, but doing homework in bed is also not a great idea!  Make sure you allow for sufficient plug points for all electronic gadgets of our new techno  generation

The most important element when designing a kid’s room is to involve them and  take their passions and interests and put them on display to make a space that is a familiar, safe and fun haven.

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